Patient Rights & Responsibilities

TLC Medical Centres believes that patients should be treated with respect, dignity and courtesy.

TLC Medical Centres believes that patients have the right to:

  • considerate and respectful support and service of the highest standard
  • adequate information to enable them to make an informed choice about participation in services or programs
  • self determination, that is, the right to make their own decisions and to work out their own problems
  • expect that information recorded by TLC Medical Centres about them will be handled in accordance with TLC Medical Centres’ policies and procedures
  • access information contained in their clinical record file, except where this is expressly prohibited by law from being disclosed
  • an appropriate level of support and assistance when being referred to another service and/or exiting a TLC Medical Centres service or program
  • voice their concerns, grievances and complaints about the support and service delivery they are receiving

TLC Medical Centres believes that clients have the responsibility to:

  • respect the rights, opinions and needs of others involved in TLC Medical Centres services and programs
  • accept the consequences of their own informed decisions